Two Important Scenes in 1984

Scene One

Julia and Winston are Caught by the ThoughtPolice

Winston and Julia are just waking up when Party soldiers lead by Mr.Charrington                         (ThoughtPolice Agent) arrest them and take both of them to the Ministry of Love. 

Scene Two

Winston Begins to Wholeheartedly Love INGSOC

He's sitting in the Cheasnut Cafe in the same place the disowned innner party members were when he saw them there. Then the song Under the Spreading Cheasnut Tree that he heard start to play when he saw them in the Cheasnut Cafe. He also began to cry after it was over simalarly to the inner party members did.

Under the Spreading Cheasnut Tree

Under the Spreading Cheasnut Tree

I sold you and you sold me

There lie they and here lie we

Under the Spreading Cheasnut Tree